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Jeudi, mars 15, 2018

FRESNO, Calif., June 2, 2017---The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) determined today, by a unanimous vote of 5 to 0, that revoking the U.S. antidumping duty order on imports of raw in-shell pistachios from Iran would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury to the U.S. pistachio industry within a reasonably foreseeable time.

Mardi, mars 6, 2018

FRESNO, CA – March 5, 2018 – Pistachio growers and processors create nearly $3.6 billion in economic output in the state of California, generating jobs and spending across multiple sectors of the state’s economy, according to a new economic impact study announced today at the 11th Annual Pistachio Industry Conference today by American Pistachio Growers.

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Mardi, novembre 6, 2018

À Chengdu, APG a tenu une conférence de presse en collaboration avec l’expert en nutrition Yang Yongtao afin de faire connaître les bienfaits nutritionnels des pistaches américaines dans le cadre d’un mode de vie actif lorsqu’elles étaient consommées comme encas suite à une séance de sport.


Mercredi, février 28, 2018
March is National Nutrition Month®, and this year’s theme is “Go Further with Food.” This concept really resides with Sarah Galicki, registered dietitian and medical weight management coordinator at the Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery, University of Texas Medical Branch.

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